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Samsung DW60J9960US Letialune 14asukohta A++ nõudepesumasin (DW60J9960US/EE)

Samsung DW60J9960US, Letialune, Roostevaba teras, Roostevaba teras, 14 asukohta, 41 dB, A

Samsung NL20F7100WB 800W Must, Roostevaba teras soojendussahtel (NL20F7100WB/UR)

Samsung NL20F7100WB, Must, Roostevaba teras, 25 kg, Pull-out, Nööbid, Pöörlev, 30 - 80 °C, 800 W

Samsung NL20J7100WB 25l 420W Must, Roostevaba teras soojendussahtel (NL20J7100WB/UR)

Samsung NL20J7100WB, 25 l, Must, Roostevaba teras, 30 - 80 °C, 420 W, 540 mm, 535 mm

Black & Decker

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Black & Decker FSMH1321JMD Upright steam cleaner 0.5l 1300W Sinine, Valge aurupuhasti (FSMH1321JMD)

Black & Decker FSMH1321JMD, Upright steam cleaner, 0,5 l, 7 m, Sinine, Valge, 1300 W, Klaas, Kõva põrand, Laminaat

Belling Classic 100 Chim MK2 (444443450)

Belling Classic 100 Chim MK2, 500 m³/h, Toruga, 49 dB, Seinale paigaldatud, Must, 2 lamps

Belling Classic 110 Chim MK2 (444443451)

Belling Classic 110 Chim MK2, 500 m³/h, Toruga, 49 dB, Seinale paigaldatud, Must, 2 lamps

Belling 70 Chim 480m³/h Hõbe (444441130)

Belling 70 Chim, 480 m³/h, Toruga, 57 dB, Hõbe, 2 tk, 130 W

Belling SCCHIM90 (444442745)

Belling SCCHIM90, 750 m³/h, Toruga, 56 dB, Saar, Must, Sinine, 2 lamps

Philips ClearTouch GC536/35 Upright steam cleaner 1.2l 2000W Lilla, Valge aurupuhasti (GC536/35)

Philips ClearTouch GC536/35, Upright steam cleaner, 1,2 l, 1,8 m, 1,2 l, 1,3 m, 1,9 m

Belling 60 DGH 328m³/h E Roostevaba teras (444441228)

Belling 60 DGH, 328 m³/h, Toruga, F, F, D, 62 dB

Belling 600 K-Line 645m³/h D Roostevaba teras (444441229)

Belling 600 K-Line, 645 m³/h, Toruga, D, F, D, 58 dB

Philips SteamCleaner Multi FC7012/01 Portable steam cleaner Sinine aurupuhasti (FC7012/01)

Philips SteamCleaner Multi FC7012/01, Portable steam cleaner, 2,5 m, Sinine, 1400 W, 100 °C, 45 s

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