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Product Information Management (PIM)

The Icecat Product Information Manager (PIM) is provided as a service to suppliers and is designed for large-scale management of rich product catalogs. The Icecat PIM can handle millions of multimedia product data-sheets. It not only supports a supplier's product and category managers for updating and mainting product data-sheets, but is also a secure syndication platform to provide (authorized) channel partners with the product data they need.

Synonyms of PIM: PDM (Product Data Management) and PCM (Product Content Management). The Icecat PIM includes full support for DAM (Digital Asset Management) and MAM (Media Asset Management).

Connecting vendor sources
The Icecat PIM can be connected to Icecat as a source, but also to other original vendor sources. It can include basic logistic information from distributors and other suppliers in the channel. It can enrich this data on the basis of original manufacturer sources. Standardization can be enforced by mapping categories, features and brand names.

Supporting multilingual editor processes
The web-based Icecat PIM is designed to support large editor teams, simultaneously working on the multimedia product database. Typical editor work involves the maintenance of mappings, entering and standardizing product data-sheets, and managing data definitions.

Open Catalog Interface
Icecat PIM's Open Catalog Interface has become an industry XML standard for the secure syndication of product data-sheets to channel partners, including etailers, comparison websites, distributors traditional retailers, etc.
  • Multilingual
    Can support any character set and language. Icecat itself supports more than 50 common languages.
  • Large-scale
    Used to manage large-scale product catalogs with millions of data-sheets
  • Multimedia
    Can include any media type, incl. data, marketing texts, PDFs, photo galleries, video, etc.
  • Icecat integrated
    Provides standard interfaces to Open Icecat for downloads of the free catalog
  • Ecommerce Interfaces
    The PIM can be provided with standard webshop interfaces.